Precision Flow Inc. is a privately owned company that officially opened its doors May 1, 1981.  Since its inception, Precision Flow has been dedicated to serving the Oil and Gas Measurement Industry as an energy manufacturing and service company. We understand the importance of quality measurement and accuracy, because  even a small change in measurement accuracy can have a large impact on profitability. With over 30 years of experience and industry specific knowledge, we believe that we represent the top 1% of all measurement manufacturing companies.

Question : "What makes Precision Flow's products Better than anybody elses?"

Answer : In a Word "QUALITY"

Our commitment to quality and excellence throughout our company, has gained us recognition as an industry leader in the manufacturing, service, and fabrication of meter tubes, skid packages, and orifice plates.

The American Petroleum Institute and American Gas Association have developed the criteria for manufacturing, testing, and inspection of all orifice meters and provided that information as a standard in the AGA Report No. 3,Part 2 and API  14.3.2, specification requirements. AGA / API Standards have a large number of tolerances and restrictions not only for the primary orifice Fitting but for the meter tube as well. These measurement standards became important to aid in the development of repeatable results from orifice metering and they also help achieve the highest level of accurate measurement.  

PRECISION FLOW INC. believes that these standards must be maintained without compromise in order to continue to have accurate measurement.

Question: "Does an Orifice Fitting still measure a flow medium, when everything does not fulfill all standard requirements"

Answer: "Yes, but if an orifice fitting does not meet or exceed all standard requirements at each level, then it is not completely accurate and therefore a percentage of product is  unaccounted for!

At Precision Flow we insure that each part and product we sell passes all necessary requirements to comply with all AGA / API standard requirements, in order to maintain the highset level of fuctionalty and  accuracy possible.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Precision Flow Inc. the ideal choice for all your Measurement needs!