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Precision Solo Flow ® orifice fittings offer accuracy and convenience for metering both gas and liquid flows. These single chambered fittings are fast and simple to operate where line by-pass or pressure shut down is permitted. Because of its one piece body, spillage is avoided, plus the metering station is not disturbed when changing plates, as when spreading flanges. Plate changing is much faster and operation is resumed sooner.

All Solo Flow ® orifice fittings are designed in accordance with ASME and ANSI requirements. They meet NACE MR-01-75 Latest Edition specifications, and are built to AGA recommendations. Stainless Steel internals are standard on all Solo Flow ® orifice fittings. Standard body material for the Solo Flow ® fitting is ASTM A-216 Grade WCC. Other materials are available upon request.
Body Types Available:
  •Flange x Flange*
  •Flange x Weld
  •Weld x Weld

*ANSI 150# to 900# - Raised Face or Ring Type Joint

When Ordering, Please Specify:
  •Type of Fitting
  •Size and Flange Rating
  •Bore Size (Schedule) of Fitting