Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting

Precision Flow’s Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting is designed to withstand the test of time in the field and reduce operational costs by virtue of its long lifespan and the quality of its make. All Dual Chamber Orifice Fittings come with a warranty to ensure you’ll receive the full lifespan of this product with proper maintenance – which we can provide through remote and on-site service. While Dual Chamber fittings are common in the gas measurement industry, our patented design sets ours apart from our competitors. When designing this product, we took the years of experience and knowledge from our employees and clients, listened to what they truly wanted from a Dual Chamber fitting, and designed just that. The result is a durable, well built, and highly accurate fitting. We proudly manufacture all Dual Chamber fittings in-house at our shop in Odessa, Texas. This allows us to ensure the quality of our fittings is always consistent. We have a wide range of sizes and materials available – small to large – and our team can help customize the product to your operations needs.

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