Electronic Gas Flow Meter

Precision Flow is dedicated to providing top of the line Electronic Flow Metering Solutions. We stock electronic flow meter brands that are widely recognized and trusted throughout the industry, delivering accurate and reliable flow measurements for a variety of applications.

Our range of electronic flow meters includes IMV, XIMV, Multivariable Transmitter (horizontal and vertical), 6213 uFLO, 6413 XFC, 6790 XRC, and much more. Each meter is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

Our electronic flow meters complement the secondary measuring device, serving as an excellent accessory to mechanical hardware. Our meters handle the reporting so as to deliver accurate and timely information to ensure optimal performance.

We carry a wide range of electronic flow meters from top manufacturers such as ABB, Rosemount, Schneider, Rockwell, and more. Our team of experts is always available to help you choose the best electronic flow meter for your application.

At Precision Flow, we understand the importance of accurate flow measurement. That’s why our electronic flow meters are designed to record the flow of gas accurately and reliably. Whether you need an ABB electronic flow meter or any other product, we have you covered.

Choose Precision Flow for all your electronic flow meter needs: our products are built to the highest quality standards, saving our clients time and costs with efficient performances. Shop with us today and experience the Precision Flow difference.