Orifice Plates

Our orifice plates are used in conjunction with our single chamber, dual chamber, Orifice Flange Unions, ROTOBOSS, Restriction Flange Unions, and Restriction Multiplate spool products to measure flow rate, reduce pressure, or restrict flow. The orifice plate creates a restriction causing a differential pressure from high (upstream) to low (downstream) which generates flow measurement. This measurement is calculated into a flow meter or Barton recorder, where the differential pressure is needed to be captured.

Orifice plates are highly customizable: we assess each client’s individual needs when designing and manufacturing their personalized product. Precision Flow’s orifice plates are made of a single piece of material which ensures strength, quality, and longevity of the product. We’re capable of building plates to fit any client’s needs, manufacturing plates from 1” to 36” in size. Our team performs flow calculations if required to ensure we design a plate that perfectly fits your operations.